Sunday, October 18, 2009

The end of an era

AD has warned that those who haven’t updated their blogs will be deleted. I don’t blame him, I need to do the same thing.

I also need to recover my interest in the changing face of America. Since the last election my interest has declined because I find it difficult to believe any one, much less the majority of voters, wanted a socialist president.

Lower case is deliberate.

This political creation has convinced me that Jimmy Carter is not the worst we could pick for this high office. Carter proved that the US could survive four years without a President. Obama may prove that we can’t survive four years of social programs.

I become more convinced each day that the most powerful, productive nation in the world is doomed because the indigent have learned to vote themselves unlimited benefits.

If you are physically unable to work, or care for yourself, a compassionate nation should help. However, if you have made decisions that continue to deprive you of the means to care for yourself or your loved ones, give up the twelve pack, jerk your panties up, wipe your nose, and get on with doing what you know is right and needful.

I have been around too many that their entire life centers around where they will party the weekend away, too many that would rather buy a beer, than milk for their child. If I have to feed the child, I want the little dear put under the care of someone who will teach them how to live. Harsh I know, but we need a defense against unlimited reproductive rights by the electively stupid.

Sorry for the anger, I’m in the mood to throw someone down the stairs,


The significance of the collapse of this nation will be the death of millions from starvation, and the violence of nations unrestrained by the threat of a police action. The Useless Nitwits will have to leave Turtle Bay and go harass someone else. They have no teeth without us, and no tolerance for us. The banana republic we are about to become will certainly not be able to fund them.

I was doing some of the recurring training that is done at Nukes, and heard a woman say in this weird adoring voice, “I love Obama”.

I thought I was going to puke.

Glassy eyed, unthinking adoration.

If he was a preacher in a Midwest church (sorry Midwest, Jim Jones wasn’t a southern boy), his supporters would be lining up for cool aid. I remember that party, almost had to help clean it up.

I suppose I should focus on something more positive, perhaps the building wave of protest by Dems against their own leaders. I’m seeing more protests now than since Vietnam. I think it’s only going to get worse.

Our national leadership no longer cares what the constitution says, our president ignores it, and the Supreme Court looks for inspiration to interpret that document in nations ruled by government employees instead of elected officials.

Sad days indeed.

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