Thursday, November 29, 2007

Survival just got easier

The up grade of the Mobile Survival facility has been completed. The unit pictured is better than tent camping, but only slightly. True, you can cook, bathe, sleep, cool your beer and perform basic living functions with out going outside. If there are two of you then getting by each other assumes the aspect of military maneuvers. Most likely someone is going outside.

Some difficulties include, literally climbing into bed, then there is the climb down in the morning
when the knees hate me, as much as I hate them. The first step to get in the door raises my knee well above the waist line, not good at all.The door to the
toilet isn't wide enough to pass my shoulders and we ain't gonna comment on the tummy.

The slide in camper is a marvel of compactness, sort of like Tetras on wheels. This unit has no AC, it's wired for it, but there is no unit. Both the space heater and the water heater are manually lit. The holding tanks have no monitor panel. The list of issues goes on and on. It weighs in at 1852 lbs.

This unit has several very civilised additions to the mundane that I wouldn't have thought about. An outside shower, outside storage access, A battery for lights and water when you are unhooked from the truck charging system. The key selling points include the comfortable sofa, in addition to the dinette seats. A queen size bed that you can get into without scaling a wall. A closet that will hold clothes. Very importantly, Air Conditioning!

The standard improvements include the monitor panels, two TV shelves, storage under everything, clock radio/CD player, and a fridge big enough to cool more than one beer and one jar of mayo at the same time. All the gas powered things are auto light. ( I was amazed by that)

The wall between the bed room and kitchen will get a thirty two inch wide screen TV, with a DVD player on the TV shelf behind it. The kitchen TV shelf will get a digital weather station. The bed room will get blackout curtains all around.

This one weighs in at 4600 lbs, or about half the towing capacity of my truck. It also has electric brakes, and believe it or not my truck was already wired for them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Short Guns I have Known 1

I would like to preface this series by saying, although I'm a certified instructor and a life long gun nut, I am not a know-it-all. I have shot many different weapons, I reserve the right to fire any hand gun that is new to me, when I teach a fire arms class. I get around a little, in some odd groups, some military, some police, and know a couple of murderous bastards who always have something nasty in their pocket. I am always interested in new things to shoot. I've had the chance to shoot hand guns ranging from a river boat gamblers break top .38SW revolver to the newest Walther 9mm. That doesn't cover everything by any means, but it's a good sample.

These weapons are all legally owned.

The pistol pictured above is a Jennings / Bryco .22 semi auto. It is the Saturday night special everyone is terrified of. It cost the grand sum of $65. The weapon is a lot of fun to shoot. It comes with two clips that hold seven shots each. It is surprisingly accurate considering the cast in place sights, the twenty or so pounds of ragged trigger pull, and the totally inadequate grips. With the use of carefully managed trigger control, one can hit regularly a three inch circle ten or so feet away. Not a tack driver, but if you sit on someones chest and stick it up their nose, entirely adequate for self defence. The body silencer position is also adequate. I know people who have shot these things to death, the top of the slide completely worn through. Like I said a lot of fun to shoot.

I bought this on on the recommendation of a retired SF type who made the statement, "I like these because if you ever have to use it, you just kick it under a coke machine and it will never be found, you just report it stolen."

As I said odd circles.

This gun can be easily covered by my double extra lovely hands, however, as it has three moving parts and a plastic safety, there isn't enough money readily available to persuade me to stick it in my pocket.

There are some places that a tourniquet just wouldn't do!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From the Stop the ACLU site

Edwards Will Force Health care Program On Everyone
by Jay @ 4:45 pm. Filed under ACLU, Abortion, Communism, News, Politics As Usual
Wow! Whatever happened to Democrats being pro-choice? Will this forced health care pay for abortions too? Don’t Democrats believe that women should make their own health care decisions? Talk about totalitarianism! Flip says:
The front running Democrats are just tripping over themselves in their efforts to one-up the unspeakable idiocy of each other’s health care plans.
“I’m mandating health care for every man woman and child in America and that’s the only way to have real universal health care.”
“Every time you go into contact with the health care system or the government you will be signed up.”
During a press avail following the event Edwards reiterated his mandate:
“Basically every time they come into contact with either the health care system or the government, whether it’s payment of taxes, school, going to the library, whatever it is they will be signed up.”
When asked by a reporter if an individual decided they didn’t want health care Edwards quickly responded, “You don’t get that choice.“
Hmmm…here is a scary thought. How is Edwards planning on enforcing this? Role model?

The Breck Girl is a communist, big surprise!

The logic is impeccable, from the Democrat perspective, save the poor, dumb, idjits from the fate they have worked so hard for.

It's for their own good!

We'll make the rich who have worked hard and made good decisions pay the slackers way. That way I can assuage my guilt, by giving money (health care isn't free) to the lazy, and you can pay for it! It's a lose,win,win deal! Most importantly, I'm not the loser! It's the middle class that will bear the brunt, and they're too dumb to catch on, but well enough off to pay more taxes!

Will anyone ever pay attention to the fact that every well has a bottom, and the faster you draw from it the sooner it goes dry? The big earners are retiring in droves, and the on coming generation doesn't want to work! Where will the money come from?

Some things you just can't do....

The Love of My Life and I were discussing the little confection pictured here. She allowed that whom some ever gave her that particular garment should give her a smaller size. I denied buying it, and suggested perhaps her youngest had purchased it.

Whereupon she informed me that they were so big, I could put them on. (!!!!!!!!)

Nope! Ain't happening.

I figured the sight of my hairy butt and such hangin' out of a red lace thong would put the Dog in therapy for life, and I just can't afford that.

Thank God for pets!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Up date

The Mother-in-law is home and doing much better. At least she isn't praying aloud for everyone to get out of her house.

The mother-out-law is still in the witch doctors hut, now has Pneumonia. Never a good thing.

The internet connection just croaked, bastards! It's been doing this all weekend!

Clocks in Heaven

A man died and went to Heaven.

As he stood in front of St. Peter at the pearly gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

He asked, Why are all those clocks here?

St. Peter answered, Those are Lie-Clocks.
Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock.
Every time you lie, the hands on your clock move.

I see, replied the man, very interesting . . . whose clock is that?

Mother Teresa's clock, answered St. Peter. The hands have never moved, indicating that she has never told a lie.

Incredible! exclaimed the man. And whose clock is that one?

St. Peter responded, That's Abraham Lincolns clock.
The hands have moved only twice, telling us that Abe has told only two lies in his entire Life.

Wheres Hillary Clintons clock?, asked the man.

Hillary's clock is in God's office. He's using it as a ceiling fan.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well Imagine that

Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with
You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow

Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three.

Captain Jack Sparrow




Indiana Jones


The Amazing Spider-Man


The Terminator


Lara Croft


El Zorro


William Wallace


Neo, the "One"


Batman, the Dark Knight


James Bond, Agent 007


Thursday, November 22, 2007

There is much to be thankful for

Among many blessings, here are a few.

I woke up this morning, in my own bed, not the emergency room with the lights and concerned faces trying to explain the whims of fate.

Though there are wars and death, there are also brave men and women who will answer the call to defend those of us at home.

Though we can not feed and house and clothe everyone in need, there are those who labor to help all that they can.

God in his Love and mercy has seen fit to grant all of us Grace for one more day.

I will have enough to eat, a place to sleep, and I hope mind enough to thank God for the blessings he has chosen to gift me.

I am happy and humbled that someone may read this and be changed for it.

May God in his wisdom bless us as we require, not as we deserve.


P.S. Your Prayers for Scully, as I will pray for help in her trials.

Oooooh......I'll be paying for that one

Yesterday I told the Love of my Life that I got a call for a high paying job and that I would have to leave today to make it. (Thanksgiving Day) Then when I felt her hit psychological bottom, I told her that it was a bald face lie, I wasn't going anywhere, the guys were here to fix the tub four days early. Immediate rebound.

But I'll be paying for that joke,,,,,, I'm sure.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I think I'm 'gonna heave

U.S. Govt. Pays Tax Evaders Billions

One example includes the owner of several nursing homes who had been convicted for failing to pay $14 million in back taxes yet continued collecting government Medicaid payments. He purchased a luxury home for several million dollars and spent tens of thousands of dollars furnishing it with crystal chandeliers, upscale porcelain china and expensive rugs. He also took exotic vacations and bought a Rolex watch for $16,000.
Because Medicaid payments are actually made by individual states, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials say they cannot levy Medicaid payments to collect the back taxes even though the program is mostly funded with federal tax dollars.

Is it any surprise that medical costs are so high? The managers are stealing the patient and the Government blind! The logic is "it's a victimless crime, after all it's the government's money". No it's our money that we paid in taxes! It leads to higher medical costs which drives up our insurance rates! (If I charge the Govt. this much it makes it "reasonable and customary" and then I can charge you the same.)

Because all the kewl kids are doing it

Your Score: DEATH

You scored 92 intelligence, 40 morality, and 62 physical strengenth!


It must have been the sword answer.

Link: The Which Discworld Character Am I Test written by smirkette on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An eventful day....

This household now has two grandparents in the hurt locker.

The Love of My Life's mother went to pick up a prescription Friday. CVS gave her the wrong drugs. The drugs in question were for someone else, the name was wrong on the bottle. She told them it was not her name on the bottle. The high school girl at the counter, told the hearing impaired elderly lady, "it's your take it and go"!

She was upset to say the least.

Now she was off the BP meds for three days, and didn't eat or drink anything (I don't know why). The Youngest daughter stopped by to check on her, she was in bed and wouldn't get up. She continued to yell "go away, leave me alone!"

I get a call, "What should I do?" Hang up call EMS, NOW! Shortly she is in the hospital, dehydrated and apparently starving her self to death. She is sitting at the bottom of a deep well of depression, and will not call out for help.

Geriatric Physician today.

The BrassDragon was displeased, very!

Just because you are a bored self important primadonna bit#h, doesn't mean you have a right to disrespect, and possibly poison someone who, is a customer that keeps your company in business.

The Love of My Life got to them before I got the call. Lucky them!

The other side of the Grand parent scheme is always sick of something, but usually in good spirits about it. She is in the regional witch doctors hut. I have no info on her, other than she is an, elderly, diabetic, hypochondriac, who cherishes her illness. (?)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I have learned on the road.

Keep in mind folks, this is from only two trips.

Closer is not always more convenient, if you have to pack up two things to get one out, you need more room.

Just because you can heat water, doesn't mean you should, it uses a lot of LP.

LP tanks are very, very finite, and if they run out in the cold snap, it gets cold as a well diggers butt in the Klondike.

I don't sleep well when I'm too cold.

There is always a Walmart close by. That means you don't have to carry food with you, they have some, and it all costs the same as at home.

In warm weather, AC is a must. That is unless you like sticking to your sheets, and feeling like warm puke while you try to rest.

Cooking outside is fun, only if you don't have to, other wise rain will thin your soup. Bugs also like your soup and feel they have a natural right to commit suicide in it.

Bugs are protien too, and crunchy.

You can accumulate thirty gallons of waste water simply by thinking about it, then you must dispose of it.

The education will continue, I'm sure!

Now ,,,,,, I'm afraid

If someone brushed me until my hair puffed out like that, I 'd be pissed too!

That's a lie.. if I had hair you could do what you like to it, but I don't, so there!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm Hooo--ooome,

I rolled in this morning, bright and early. I was offered a day by day for two days, and I just couldn't do it. I missed the Love of my Life, and the rest of my life. Her most of all.

I wrote two weeks ago that the blogging would continue, silliest of me, trying to cook, wash, clean, drive three hours a day, and squeeze a little sleep in occasionally makes it tough.

Maybe now that I'm at home I can do better.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm out of excuses

The current lifestyle, if it can be called life, I am living isn't conducive to anything. I am working twelve hour nights and traveling an hour and a half each way to work, thankfully most of the travel is on a ferry. That is still a fifteen hour day, not much left over for hobbies.

I feel the need to prove I'm still out here.

I don't get the time I would like to keep up with reading and blogging, but we do what we can.

A coworker pointed out to me the news regarding the college course on racism, that was dropped because even the unengaged students wouldn't swallow the mess.

Billary has lost what little sense she had with her pleas to women.

It's more of the same, and the names haven't even changed. Oh Well.

I have had my first exposure to a pressurized water reactor, and I don't like them. The extra loop makes everything way too complicated. Give me a simple little 'ole 1000 Mega Watt Boiler any day. Actually a three loop pressurizer has a lot more additional systems than a few steam generators. The PWR is supposed to be cleaner, but I can't tell where that would be. The BRT (Big Round Thing) is way more contaminated and has higher rad levels than any BWR I've ever seen.

My education continues.

Along those lines, there is, apparently lots more work and money in this than I originally thought. The status of operators, and the respect for their training and ability is higher than I had been led to believe. All to the good for me. Some of the contract items are enough to make you shake your head. The financial end of this takes some serious consideration to see how it compares to other company's offers. Some sound good until the next completely blows them away.

I am going to jump in and acquire a larger mobile survival facility, details to follow. I would like to have to walk at least two or three steps to go to bed.

A commenter asked "which shore" Tide Water Virginia, I am currently at Surrey. The next one may be River Bend, or Diablo Canyon in January.

Now that I am solidly on nights,,,,,,,Let the Blogging continue.