Thursday, June 30, 2011

From a while back,,,

I filled my truck the other day and set a personal record of three hundred and seventy five dollars ($375) with three quarters of a tank left in the back tank. Thank the good Lord I only drive that monster when some one else is paying for the fuel.(Old truck, I now travel in a motor home that gets 7mpg)

As you can easily imagine I am more than slightly tired of that.

There fore, as whining with out a proposed solution is &itching, my proposal!

Barter; raise the price of food and technology to oil producing countries. Make a barrel of oil currency or more firmly tie it to the markets. The royalty that is getting rich from oil while their subjects are living in mud huts needs to hear the growl of their peoples stomachs. When the growl gets to the throats and the volume is sufficient to shake them awake. Things might get a little better. (Libya, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudi, are you listening?)

Another proposal needing a close look is ACTUALLY becoming self sufficient, rather than just talking about it. A recent study, (through a crystal ball perhaps, I have no idea how this was done) says we have more undeveloped oil reserves than the rest of the world put together!!!!! Let’s stimulate the economy by building refineries, and perfecting technology to recover this oil without destroying the environment.

We are the supposed greatest nation in the world,

time to prove it again.

If we can put a man on the moon and build the Interstate System (technology and engineering), surely a profit producing national project isn’t beyond us.

This may be a repost, I didn't look back, but in light of recent events, it looks like I was right.

Whoda thunk it.

Trying to live....

and getting by far.

When people ask me "how are you today?"

I generally answer, "I woke up this morning."

The nice folks are generally confused by this response, or answer "that's a good thing". They are correct, it is good, in fact, it's a requirement. I tell them that as long as you don't open your eyes to bright lights and concerned faces in the ER, it's a good day.

Everything else is gravy.

All of us will come to that day when we don't wake up, and that is the natural end of a long life.

Yes, there comes an end.

Be sure it doesn't get there before you have told your family that you love them, and you affairs are in order so as not to be a burden. Move on as an honorable person, and leave as good a memory as you can.

Presidential Dragon

Here we go fans, is the POTUS ready to tell us all to "shut up and drink the cool aide" ?

It seems that way.

Daily we hear of errors in names, birth days (his daughters), statements about the economy that are later reversed because he is confused. Sounds like he doesn't care enough anymore.

Big surprise, right.

Not really, he didn't care to start with. He cares about himself more than anyone else, followed by his family. The family part is NOT a criticism, that is as it should be. He uses the words: I, me, my, more than anyone in office should. I had hoped to see the POTUS be someone who cares more about the country and the Constitution than himself.

Not happening.

HE doesn't do it all himself, he didn't kill bin Laden, the SEAL's did. HE actually does very little, his team does the heavy lifting, he just takes the credit.

Remember when I said I thought he was actively trying to destroy this country? Look at all the change, dollar lousing reserve status, government spending up (not just because of war), telling congress that he can engage in war on his own.

We, as a nation will be climbing out of this hole longer than I will live.

I find myself fondly remembering Jimmy Carter, we survived four years with out a President while he held office, we could have done better with out this twit.

The long road a winding

I have noticed a few things lately; most of the folks on my blog list have quit posting, my motivation to do more posting has waned, the political arena is full of the "usual suspects" who are depressingly predictable.

All that being true, I don't have to stumble, I only have to step over the obstacle and go on.