Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catching promised.

About a year and a half ago I got a call from my niece  She told me "Grannie has fallen and is in the neurological ICU."

A punch in the head would have left me less addled. I gathered my son and did a speed trip to the hospital four hours away. It did not end well for her.

She was as we would say, Bull Headed. She refused live in help, of any sort, since my dad died fifteen years ago. She just didn't want anyone under foot. As long as I can remember she has been falling asleep in the chair in front of the TV. I guess that night was no different.What time she fell is anyone's guess. At about three o'clock the 911 center got a call from her, that she had fallen and needed help.

No Kidding.

 When she fell, the left side of her face got the floor first. Her nose was broken and some pretty hideous bruising was visible. The medical staff, I really don't know how to describe the folks that opened her up, her dignity was not their issue, but she didn't resemble anyone I knew when I saw her. They didn't even set her broken nose. They shaved her head and sawed a hole in her skull. The real problem was the subdural hemotoma. They opened her up and stopped the bleed, but the damage was done.

As a side note, they stopped all medications and her high bp went back to normal. Seems that $1500 a month that she paid for meds, might not have been all she hoped for.

Odd, wouldn't you say?

Some days later she awakened. She chatted with the family that was there, had a cup of coffee, read in one of her "bodice ripper" novels, and then went quiet, then unresponsive and then stopped breathing. Part of the clot had moved and an ischemic stroke ensued.

In the interest of truthfulness, I didn't get along with my mother. She never wanted children, and told us so, in pretty vile terms. Somethings a child really shouldn't hear. There are other things, but I'll not speak ill of the dead. She has passed and all her ability to harm us has passed with her.

Side notes on the family, I have consigned them to the isle of broken toys.
My sister has adopted Wicca as her belief, and that pagan religion is worse for it. She accused her daughter of murdering my mother for drugs. That's just stupid.
My niece has manipulated, lied and cheated to the point that neither my son or myself will ever have anything to do with any of them. I'm sure they will not miss me, nor am I likely to miss them.

The funeral was a tragic comedy aided by the "family" gathered about.

Respect for the recently departed never crossed the mind of the majority of the attendees.

They will have to answer for their behavior, may the good Lord have mercy, if he judges them, I hope they don't get what they have earned.

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