Friday, April 18, 2008

Home at last.....for a litle while.

After about twenty hours of traveling, on one hour of sleep, I made touchdown on my own dirt.

At which time I was tackled by the Love of My Life. My ribs will be OK soon, I don't really care if they're bruised, it was a great home coming.

Even the Dawg was happy to see me.

The cats,,,,,,,,,not so much.

Yesterday I drove from winter to spring, all in a day. When I left Hew Hampshire, it was about freezing temperature, by Maryland the windows were down. The grim and cold in the north had given way to blooming flowers and budding trees. It was as sudden a contrast as I have seen.

I can't imagine how soldiers or sailors, who have been away for years, feel when they get home. It could be that age has a bearing on the feeling, I never felt it so keenly when I was young. It probably has something to do with the Love of My Life not being with me.

I have to leave again in a week, for a month, then I will be off for the summer. I will be gone, not so far, nor gone so long, this time.

This summer I'm going on vacation,,,,, white sand, palm trees, blue water, and cheap rum. That's my plan.


Chris in SE TX said...

Glad to hear you're back, although I have a feeling that what you consider Spring weather, to me would be Winter....

I was about 31 when I worked in Algeria for 6 months for Brown & Root, and coming home was great. I have never had thought that it would have been so rough to be away from home, considering that I was born abroad and grew up in two different countries before coming here. On the other hand, my wife could not go with me to Algeria, so maybe that's the reason why I was so homesick.

And you as well.

Guess it's not the age, but who you've left behind.....

HollyB said...

Sounds like a GRAND plan for the Summer. May you enjoy every minute of it. I, for one, expect PICTURES!

night lightning woman said...

Haven't been on the computer much but am catching up--in many ways, your new lifestyle seems to be agreeing with you. Seems like you are really enjoying the blessings in your life, even if the noticing is partly due to the missing of some of them when you are on the road. I finally learned--I thought--how to add blogs, but my link to you goes to "this page cannot be found." sigh. will try again when I get some more eptitude. In the meantime, I enjoy you and applaud your summer plans.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Getting worried -- Are you OK?