Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Boy is back in towne......

I extend my thanks to everyone who has checked by to see if I still live.

The answer is "I think so".

I commented that I was living in Mordor earlier, the last stop was Rohan. Pretty place, but nothing there. Things were available, but only with a long drive. Whiny, I know, but with a diesel truck it becomes significant. The only Internet access was miles away and they closed before my work day ended. I admit I took Internet access for granted, believe me it's not as common as I thought.

This retirement thing is way more work than I thought. I've been gone four months, and when I get home, I get all the honey do's and my own little projects all at one time. Whew! I have a list that is long enough that I have quit adding things and just go do them.

I've been invited to four outages so far, that means a lot, considering that some of my coworkers haven't been back and won't be.

Life is good. Summer at the beach. It's like being in high school again, and I got the summer off!
As soon as the 4X4s are ready its cruising time!

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