Saturday, May 31, 2008

Liberal- Communist outrage

The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts has outdone every gold standard of stupid. I shake my head in disgusted amazement at the level of ignorance displayed by these twits.

Read this link to the NRA Outrage of the week.

Once you are done sputtering and stammering, come on back I'll be right here, sputtering and stammering.

Can you imagine the punishment if he had been running with scissors or whacking someone with a ruler? God forbid he use TABLE WARE to eat with!!!

Wait a sec,,,, should the parents SUE the school district for exposing the children to implements designed to cut FLESH????

That would be as reasonable as the rest.


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Chris in SE TX said...

On the surface, it seems unbelievable... But if you analyze it a bit, it makes perfect sense. How, you may ask?

Simple! This kind of stupidity, if applied long enough, makes people afraid of having anything to do with guns. Your kid brings home a hunting magazine? You figure you better punish him and destroy the magazine, after all, who knows what might happen if he takes it to school.

I'm afraid this is all part of the "let's make guns evil" agenda. After all, chances are the horrified boy or his parents won't like the idea of guns from now on.

Wonderful, isn't it.....