Monday, July 28, 2008

Life in a blender....

Or, situation normal for me.

I've recently spent time with a lawyer to help my Oldest Step-Daughter. Her legal involvement with the child care system is depressing. As is usually the case the most expensive shyster is helping the slime ball son-in-law. He, SBSIL, has quit his job making 40K a year, because he is worth more than that. He therefore feels that he should be able to reduce his child support.

News flash butthead, you are only worth what someone will pay you, and in the job market here, that's pretty well above average.

His shyster lawyer is working pro bono, or is that pro barter, he boards horses with the SBSIL family. The previous issues, and the shyster in question make it hard to find anyone to represent her. It took four days!

I bought a Motorcycle.

I started a new tatoo, this one will take several hours to complete.

I found the LOML a car, triple black Jag XK8, got to pick that up Saturday.

I was involved in a MVA with the NEW bike.

I bought the Biggest Water melon I have ever seen. I've got pics.

Were planning a vacation to Mexico, soon, but not soon enough.

I'm pooped.

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