Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home again

We finally got in Monday evening. We left Ct. in 25 F or so and arrived home in the 60 F range. I don't mind saying it was good to come home.

Actually it was wonderful.

Then life set in.

I thought the drivers in Ct. were bad, while I was there. I am now convinced the drivers here can give lessons in stupid.

On a brighter note, the grand babies were actually glad to see me. The oldest who currently has some issue with personal contact generally, and males particularly, never even turned a hair. She walked in the door, took one look and came over and gave me a wonderful hug. That doesn't sound too strange, except she has never seen me with a beard. Think bear.

Today is Thanksgiving, a day that is seldom remembered as a religious holiday. Mostly it's the day before Black Friday. The most horrendous shopping day of the year. I am sure we will hear about the retailers going under because everyone is sitting on their money, as we have for the last twenty years.

Historically this occasion was a day set aside for giving thanks to, dare I say it, God for his blessings, and the survival for one more year.

Everyone, should, in the depths of their heart, thank what ever they believe guides them, for the past year. You have no guarantee of another day.

At my housse today, we will eat too much, and be grateful too little, we will welcome someone who can't get home to their family, and my mother in law who can't get back from where she has gone.

I will eat left overs for ever, and be grateful.

May each and everyone be healthy, happy, and avoid your just desserts, for one more year.

Brass Dragon out.

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