Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready to go home....

This circus is winding down, thank God. I am only working seventy five hours a week, why would that tire anyone out?

I brought the bike to ride for economic reasons, and discovered that there are …other things to consider.
When riding in 20 degree weather, a sneeze inside a full face helmet becomes a white out. When it’s cold enough, and you have to keep the face plate open because of the former situation, your eyes will water and you get an ice cream headache, and....


I got into the supervisor position, sort of as a default candidate. However, I have done well enough to rate the same position at the next job and probably some after that. I am basically a glorified tool runner and facilitator. I get calls from folks who don’t want to make a decision. I have no problems there, give me the info and I can make a decision.

I will be going to Minnesota in March or before, a lot like Siberia, I’m told. This will be over for me by next Friday, I expect. The love of my life is going to fly up and we will do some sight seeing before we drive back. I'll need to take some pictures to put on this site, it’s really pretty up here. The drive to work and back is along the Niantic River. The boats anchored out and the water front homes make some classic pictures.

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Brigid said...

You've done well. Glad the two of you will have a little time to play tourist. Minnesota in March isn't like Siberia. It's more like Barrow. :-)

But some wonderful people inhabit that area.