Sunday, November 8, 2009

To: Annony Mouse

Anonny Mouse has seen fit to pass gas in regards to a post regarding the rights of a state to pass laws that meet the approval of the residents. I was invited to leave the Union, and receive a flag. Then, if you can believe it, Mousey, resorted to personal attack. I would rather any attacks be in person, the better to respond appropriately. The disparaging remark about my intelligence was very hurtful, and probably too close to the truth, so my barbaric response should come as no surprise.

Though you don’t believe in my rights, I believe in yours. If you choose, feel free to submit everything to your federal masters. You can trust your government, ask any Indian, (sorry, Native American.)

A second nameless genius left a comment ambiguous enough to leave me wondering which side of the line he or she fell on. But the statement about “fat, old, white guys” really hurt my feelings.

So no publishing from me.

Present your case for your statements, sign your name, be a man or woman about it, I’ve been wrong before. Yes, Yes, I Know DW isn’t my name, but this is my forum.

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Larry said...

I just love Annony Mouse. He/she/it has been by my place a time or two and I show him/her/it the same regard that you do.