Sunday, November 22, 2009

On A personal note

The current debate on health care reform and whether or not to do Mammograms and self exams has struck a personal note. My ex wife discovered her breast cancer at the age of 47 by self exam. If she had followed the currently suggested guideline she would be dead.

She is not my favorite person, however, my son feels very strongly about the matter. The same thing might apply to me. I discovered my cancer, quite by accident, and I was outside the age group considered to be the most likely to develop. My oldest step-daughter was diagnosed with pre cancerous cells after her first child. The list goes on and on.

The Sixty Minutes “News Magazine” tonight was pure propaganda. The health care portion expounded on the money spent on the last two years of life. The doctor talked at length about a “bad death” while being kept alive by machines. I wonder what his choice would be if confronted with eminent death. It has been said “to know a man take him to the top of a volcano and hold him over the edge. Then you will know him.”

I think we might run a little short of volcanoes.

This is an orchestrated attempt to make us believe that numbers can decide who will live and die. It gives no credit to the human will to live.

There is another part of this debate that escapes notice. This is the largest tax hike in the history of this country. The total cost to my wife and I for our insurance is about$2400 a year. Under the government plan premium and deductable will be close to $14400. That will take 20% of my income.

How does this help me?

There are people who work and have insurance, who will have to switch to the government plan, put their goals away, and struggle to get by. When your disposable income, if you have any, is directed into the pockets of your rulers, you have no incentive to work, after all what do you get?

If my premiums increase by 300% where does the extra money go? Could it be I will be paying for the folks who will not work, or pay taxes. I will be subject to taxes for being overweight, jail time for not carrying insurance. I will have to submit information on my tax forms to prove that I have acceptable insurance and I’m not over weight.

What about the people who work off the radar. Paid under the table, pay no taxes, and Uncle Sam pays the bills.

Actually, the joke will be on them, the next step is amnesty for illegal aliens. When they are on the radar, and the taxes start, there may be a new migration, south this time.

The largest part of this issue is that of power, being taken from the individual and held by the government. The power to enfranchise those who will keep you in power, and the power to control every aspect of your life and now the manner of your death,

The power of life and death.

The entire issue is about power.

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