Sunday, July 3, 2011

Democratic Dragons

If you have ever read dragon lore, you know that they are: old, powerful, greedy, conniving, treacherous, and generally a pain in the rear.

Does that sound like some politicians in the news?

At first glance the Congressional Minority might look like they are trying to help those less fortunate than themselves, don't be fooled. The congress critters are buying votes with our money. They are falling into the trap of allowing the indigent voting themselves unlimited benefits. Historically this has been the end of Democratic government.

I know this argument has been made before, but in your household, when do you stop borrowing? Would you borrow the money to party the weekend away, and then borrow to make the payment, and then borrow to refinance the loans, and so on.

That's exactly what the US government is doing.

Note to Congress: You can't borrow your way out of debt....ever!

Giving people those things to people that they should provide for them selves is a disincentive to productivity. I have friends who have a house hold income above 150k, who are waiting for Obama Care for insurance. The "he" of the pair looked at me with a long face, with a voice like he was talking to a child, and asked "Don't you want everyone to have insurance?". My reply was, "Sure, if they pay for it!".

All my life I have known people who wouldn't work tasting pies. They would rather pay for a party than a dental appointment or checkup. Self described victims of some system that hates a poor man. I have lived and worked around people who would rather by a beer, and party all night, rather than care for their children. The children, by the by, are produced accidentally and required to do the house work.

The "victim class" have a sense of entitlement partially because they are bone deep lazy and also because they are taught the life style by the liberal government.

The worst thing the government can do is feed the "hungry man", because he will sit down at the food source and wait for the next meal. He will not feed himself, because it's easier to let some one else do it for him. I'm not condemning the hungry, I'd do the same, most likely. Giving someone something, however, makes it less likely they will search for other opportunity.

The Democrats sing the song "if you have more then you should pay more", how is that logical? That's class warfare, this country was founded on the premise that there are no classes. If you want more, do more. Since the beginning of humanity the most productive have had the best lives, providing the incentive to the rest of the culture to work harder or smarter, to secure those blessings for their loved ones. Unfortunately there have also been the "I want that and you should give it to me" crowd.

The point?

The political elite are mortgaging our children's future to secure their future. They have no need of good financial policy, they, for the most part are already rich. Rising interest rates will make them richer. We on the lower end of that scale will get poorer. They are the lenders, the rich who can invest for a return, we are the borrowers who have to borrow to have a place to live and a way to get to work.

There is enough empirical evidence to guide the decisions in this country. There is enough history to prove what will happen. We are no smarter than the leaders of old, quite the opposite, there is none so blind as he who will not see. Witness Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Iranian upheavals.

There is an end, and we are rushing toward it like a train wreck.

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