Monday, July 4, 2011

Something bigger than myself....

/Yesterday I took a little ride of about 360 miles to escort the National 9/11 Flag to the oldest Fourth of July Celebration in the country. Seventeen of us rode to Raleigh to meet the flag and escort it to the Celebration. We were joined by about four hundred friends I have never met and returned to our area in one long line. We had Police escort the entire trip and various fire departments along the way saluted the flag as it passed. A great trip, with great company. Including Iron Mutt, coolest dude on the trip.

I wanted to tell TLOML how many bikes came, I looked in the mirror, and the headlights were out of sight, on the Interstate. A fellow Red Knight stood up on the bike (on the road) and couldn't see the end of the line.

I consider it interesting that the "dirty old bikers" that so many look down on, were the very ones who love this country enough to endure the ride. 95F for eleven hours. I almost collected a heat related injury at 70mph, that for the record, would be a bad thing.

I had so much fun that this morning when I got up, I felt like I had spent the night face down in prison with my cell open.

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Larry said...

Well done, I'm sure that was an awe-inspiring sight.
Glad to see your muse is back as well.