Sunday, April 21, 2013

In the beginning of this blog I wrote a lot about the people who can change the world, and choose to do so badly. Our political leaders in particular deserve some watching. I have let slip my commenting, not so my watching. One thing that frustrates me is the fact that the current administration was reelected. That alone shows that many of the people in this country only want something for nothing. I understand that everyone votes their pocket book. Some want to keep their taxes down, others want a handout and don’t care about taxes, because they don’t pay anyway.
I am offended by the administrations rampant vacationing, in the face of fiscal austerity. The quotes of “cut the spending and make it hurt”, tend to get my dander up.
The changing of accounting practices to return less of my Social Security taxes also provides considerable irritation. That’s not an “entitlement”, that’s a debt that the government owes me, because they took my money, and the deal was I would get it back when I could no longer earn a living. The fund has been robbed so easily and so often, that it’s now business as usual.
No other nation I have heard of will award retirement benefits to a non-citizen, we do, and we award them to people who didn’t stay long enough to pay in a significant percentage of what they will receive.
This is the first POTUS that bows to foreign leaders.
 As arrogant as he is, he should bow to no one.
 This is the first POTUS in living memory that doesn’t support Israel.
 He uses I, Me, Mine, to the extent unheard of in recent years.
From the beginning I have held the opinion that the socialist in chief really intends to destroy our way of life. He was raised and educated by 60s radicals, who preached the violent overthrow of government, and those people don’t easily tolerate anyone who disagrees with them.
In the beginning I liked the idea of a “post turtle”, a turtle sitting on a post doesn’t know how he got there or what he’s supposed to do now that he is there. This guy isn’t one of those, he knows exactly who put him where he is, and they have told him what to do.
 If you consider the debt and the attempt to raise taxes, both activities that have been responsible for killing off jobs, it becomes obvious that the collapse of the economy is the goal.
If our economy goes down the tubes, civil unrest, riots, protests of huge proportion don’t take a lot of imagination.
Martial law will follow close, with the setting aside of the Constitution, until the emergency has passed, or so they will say.
Then it’s in the fan, we will have a president for life, or some system that will guarantee the same thing.
Historically, Democracy is always followed by a dictatorship.
I really feel that after all his hard work to destroy our way of life, he won’t give it up easily. 

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