Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting ready,

The Love of My Life told me this morning that she isn't ready for me to leave for work yet. She isn't feeling good about it.

Neither am I.

I am a whiny little boy these days, I managed somehow to hurt my back, and I am finally about to go to the Shaman about it. I take few to zero drugs, for any reason, personal discomfort would be least among them. I've seen way too much of that for my mental comfort.

However, when it takes fifteen minuets to put on a sock, well, you should do something.

I was seeing some improvements, and now I'm not. I guess I need some help.

The stepson and grand kids are coming today. We will have a little Christmas again.

I am almost ready to leave for California, a few details remain, a few more little things to put in the mobile survival facility. Fuel in the truck, program the navigation computer, load the maps and pack the computer, secure the breakables in the trailer.

Muster the intestinal fortitude to leave the Love of My Life for a month, and then two more months. This is going to be tough, the mother in law is past eighty and has been diagnosed with uterine cancer and ovarian cysts. We don't expect good results from treatment. That means The Love of My Life is entering one of the toughest times of her life and,

I will be gone.

Worms probably feel better than me.

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HollyB said...

What? There aren't PLANES that fly from the part of CA to the part of FL in which you live? You can be back with her in a matter of hours if it becomes necessary. And cell phones and laptops [with webcams], while not as good as being there, can certainly help fill the gap and bridge the distance.
Now, go forth and buy electronics! You big Dope! ;)~