Monday, January 21, 2008

New Job, new place, new scenery

I'm in California at the Diablo Canyon Plant. My soon to be function is leak rate testing. That means I use mass air flow instruments to determine the leakage through primary containment valves. Leakage sounds bad, but actually its a matter of degree. Total allowable leakage per hour amounts to less than a couple of minuets heavy breathing.

These lovely people are going to pay me hideous amounts of money to do very little, luckily, I do it very well.

Today I grew square eyeballs doing computer based training for a long list of things I either already know, or don't really have to know. OK, pay me!

This plant is the first I have been to that is in a populated area. Every thing I need is with in a few miles. The most distant required location is the plant, four miles to the entrance and seven miles of drive way. The drive on the access road is the prettiest I have seen. The Pacific on one side and beautiful hills and desert on the other.

I have found out that there is a nekkid beach right down the road. Fear not, I have no plans to embarrass my self, or entertain the neighbors. I took some pictures of the cliffs and beach to send to the Love of My Life, and some of the locals were neglecting to display modesty garments. It's a little odd, from a half mile or so away it's not obvious, but it attracts your attention. I have 20/16 vision, and I couldn't see proof positive, but you know anyway. Why is that? I don't care, its their neighborhood, and their life.

What happened to the "Southern California Weather" ? It never rains in southern California? Well it was pounding on the "Mobile survival facility" a little bit ago. It's unpleasantly cold and damp right now, I'm hoping for improvement soon. Just cold would be good.

Spell checker is a punk, I don't like some of the options.

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