Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great expectatioms

.Lets see, the Obamasiah has yet to be sworn in and already is brushed by two scandals.

One Democrat selling a congressional seat and another who already sold something.

The old media has given them the benefit of the doubt, something they never give most people.

I don't have any doubt that they are culpable, of something.

The anointed one has an untenable position in the middle east, a worldwide financial crisis, campaign promises that have the welfare queens believing he is going to buy their gas and pay their rent.

He also has a congressional majority that is making noises like they want to bail.

There is some talk of spraying about a few trillion of our dollars to create jobs. By all accounts this was the same tactics that that FDR used to extend the Great Depression.

How long before we can start calling him a liar and stupid?

On a slightly more grim note, why has anyone said a single word to Israel regarding kicking the soup out of Hamas? No nation in the entire world would tolerate that sort of attack. Lets toss in the phone calls to residents in the area, tellin' them to bag ass, 'cause bad stuff is on the way.

Heck, we don't even do that.

If some bordering nation, any of the four; Canada, Mexico, Russia, or Cuba, launches a random missile attack against civilian targets, I expect a serious ass kicking in the immediate future.

What we would get from the incoming administration, would likely be a meeting with out conditions.

Then I'm callin' him stupid!

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