Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Obamesiah will have to muddle through without me....">
I'm an embarrassment to Barack!I only scored 16 on the Test

Odumbo is already showing his colors as a Chicago politician, reeling in the promises, tapping scandal ridden cabinet members and then dumping them. The Queen Pelosi is changing the house rules to keep the good old boy network in charge, removing as many tools as possible from the Republican bag. Obumbles is positioning him self as blameless in the release of the remaining $350B bailout money. He asks while Bush is still in office, if the answer is yes, he gets the credit for asking, if no then he does it later, and no matter what happens he comes out looking like nothing was his doing.

If you voted your feeeelings in November, best put them away for the next four years, they are likely to be bruised.

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