Sunday, May 31, 2009

The First Kenyan

I have deliberately avoided commenting on the election or its supposed winner. I know the American people are the sure losers.

The debt issue that was part of the election rhetoric has been tossed aside in favor of, what appears to be payoffs for election support. The Gaffs, goofs, and B.S. are horrible. All the supposed bi partisan airs in Washington are in the toilet. I heard the comment regarding "the Constitution gives the American people the right to keep and bear arms, I believe however that we can manage that right." That only means one thing to me, how about you?

The current appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, who immediately makes chauvinist and racist statements is an indicator of his intent.

His nomination of several politicians with tax and other legal problems indicates an inability to judge acceptable candidates, or he just doesn't care.

The media, as usual, bow to the most liberal candidate, no matter what their issues. If the media can't overlook or sweep the issues under the table, then what are they hiding that will fit under the table?

I have a conviction that if you run anything through the money filter and the ego filter, then the real reason for the act will be left on one of the filters .

God Help Us All.

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