Monday, July 6, 2009


The mother in law continues to decline. She doesn't wake up much and hasn't eaten in three days.

This can't last long.

Additionally, I was told the other day that several years ago she was told that she had ovarian cancer, and decided to take no action.

If this was her wish, then as bad as it seems we must honor it. DNR in place.

I participated in a memorial walk for four soldiers from our area that died in Bagdad. About two hundred and fifty walked to our local war memorial for a short service.

We were warned that the nutjob hate mongers who protest the USA were going to be there, I had a prepared message for them. I was gratified and disappointed that the cowardly bastards didn't show.

I don't need any jail time.

I was voted into the Red Knights, (does that mean you have to call me Sir DW? Probably not.)

The soon to be son in law is still alive, as previously noted he totaled the Love of My Life's Jag XK8. She cried over the car. It isn't just "a" car it was "THE" car. Just so you know, when the Love of My Life sheds a tear, I start looking for things to break.

Do not be the cause of those tears, it will not end well.

We have found a suitable replacement, in Utah.

Road trip upcoming. Anyone want to meet and greet?

All's well that ends.


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