Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We went to a flood last night

My son called last night to ask if he could borrow my Jeep or Bronco to haul sand bags(???)

That's the first indication I had that something was going poorly for the stupids.
He told me the water was up to the registers in his old store and the District had called to see if he could help because the new manager was out of reach for some reason.
When he said "up to the registers", silly me, I thought it was creeping in that far. Actually it was covering the floor a couple of inches deep, with the water outside eight inches or so higher than the floor.
Per the news this morning, we erased our rain deficit for the year last night. Seven inches in a couple of hours.
The pictures above are of standing water, very important that is!
I and a couple of very nice young men, redirected traffic and pushed several cars out of the deeper water.
The white Lincoln will be on ebay soon as the man driving it tried to get out the door and then left through the sun (flood roof) roof. He was sitting on the top of the car when we went by.
I have a 4X4 diesel pick up that sits pretty high, and enough sense to turn around if it gets too deep. We plowed through slowly to the store to get money for sand bags. I parked on the side walk and talked to the employees through the door.
Sand bags were not going to help.
At that time I got a few lessons in how stupid some people are. Any one with any type of car that didn't float plowed along through the water, some of them with a wake a couple of feet high.
The drivers of cars we tried to redirect away from the deepest part, would look at you like you were trying to trick them, and then continue on until the water killed the engine or they started to float. Cars with low bumpers, had waves running up across the hood to the windshield.
They were still coming when we were done and finally went home.
The killer is I could see high pavement, and no one went that way.
The cars in the really deep water are in the street. The police actually blocked that road.
I enjoyed being an a$$hole for a little, when every other car on the street was in the center lane to stay out of the water, I got into it, had a clear lane, and thew some really high rooster tails.
I love me some tall truck.

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Hammer said...

What a mess.

I like having a truck too. I can't wait till the day I see a bunch of hybrids shorted out on the side of the road.