Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Break between jobs, sucks huge

It’s been an interesting couple of months.

Kind of like being set on fire, but not quite.

Thanks giving and Black Friday. The struggle with the gift buying thing until Christmas.

Major family blowup, the girls, the rest of the family is OK and the one to blame (mostly) refuses to accept any responsibility, as expected.

I wish I was as perfect as she thinks she is.

My truck was stolen from my driveway, dumped in the woods a half hour away. Recovered the truck, the insurance company has it, we aren’t sure if it is worth having back.

Rednecks driving your truck that they have stolen don’t tend to take care of things. “Drive it like you stole it” is more than a line in a bad movie, for some folks it’s a way of life.

They made out with a thousand dollars worth of cameras and GPS units. The truck was recovered four days later, and the local PD saw it was recovered, the “investigation” pretty much stopped. It took a month, and several conversations with station chief to get a call from the “detective”, or is that defective, I forget, and it could go either way.

My son moved to a friend’s house, and took his wide screen TV with him. I went shopping for a TV without adult supervision. I found a Phillips 52 inch HD LCD that was great. It wouldn't fit on the book case, and looked like a huge, evil mushroom sitting on an end table. The result was an avalanche of remodeling that has only just been completed. That would include some new furniture, hardwood floors, painting and tile in a bathroom, then move all the furniture.

I have taken up paintballing as a hobby.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of stress is to shoot someone.

Nonfatal, in this case, but you can’t have everything, I guess. We run around the woods in camo, shooting kids and women, getting shot in turn. It’s lots of fun, if you can stand a few welts. Like the “t” shirt says, “If you can’t stand the welts, stay out of the woods!” We have a few Iraq veterans, they are the people you watch the most, (i.e. shoot them first if you can) because they will get you, if you don’t get them.

I got my truck back from the body shop on Friday, everything appears to be OK, but we are watching closely. One result of the theft is a monitored security system in the house and a driveway alarm, with remote controlled lights to come.

The Love of My Life is having health issues, excisional biopsy coming Wednesday, this after several noninvasive attempts to determine the nature of the shadow on an X-ray. She has had several procedures done in the Shamans office that scared the mortal life out of me. All is well so far, but we have far to go. This is all preventative, or diagnostic in nature, and we hope to stay in that realm.

I have to leave for work the day after her surgery, and will be back in May. I’m hoping for a job of several months duration this summer to help with bills and the move to a motor home for work. I would actually like to get a job overseas for a couple of years and rent the house.

We'll see.

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Larry said...

Prayers that all works out well with TLOYL.