Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quiet drone...

sit down, shut up, and do only what you are told.

In another step toward a totalitarian world, the Obamasiah has committed to regulation on fishing, which could include, disallowing recreational fishing.

Previously the CHOSEN ONE has stated that "the right to keep and bear arms can be managed." His minion has committed to the Useless Nitwits small arms treaty. Discussions with every whack job in the world for any reason what so ever.

The entitlement mentality will destroy this democracy, as it has every other democracy. There are only so many beans in the can, when they are gone, if you continue handing out beans that have been borrowed, eventually you will reach the point that you can borrow no more, then what?

The health care "reform" and bailouts are a disincentive to being productive, responsible, and self sufficient. "I don't have to know or do anything, the gubmint will do it for me."

If our Congress critters will postpone the spending until the election season, they will see what we the people want.

Until then the Obamasiah, will continue to destroy our way of life as fast as he can.

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