Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The best deer rifle I own!

This will continue the list of rifles I really enjoy.

It started life as an 1896 Krag-Jorgenson Mauser in 6.5 X 55. This lively little round launches a 140gr bullet at a comfortable 2700 fps, if I remember right. It is a favorite because you can shoot all day and the only thing it hurts is your pocket, and that no more than any other.

We have a local gunsmith that loves his work enough that he doesn't overcharge for it. I am a sort of weird type when it comes to guns, I don't really care if the weapon is pretty as long as it's functional. I discussed the changes with the smith and settled on a shorter barrel, drilled and tapped for a scope, mounted and bore sighted, with some spot bluing and a sporter safety for the first round. That cost me seventy dollars. I did some range work, and didn't care for the trigger. For the sum of thirty five dollars he added three pieces and made it a fully adjustable trigger. The synthetic stock is from Butler Creek and the Scope is Simmons. The last touch was a black finish that resembles Parkerised.

I have actually murdered a deer with this one (it has to be murder, cause it isn't a fair fight), it's effectiveness is beyond question. The only shot fired in hunger resulted in a chunk of lung the size of my fist on the ground, and a dead deer in about four seconds. Rough on the deer, but better than laying in your lap after a tumble through the wind shield.

Some folks like their guns shiny and new. I'll take mine as individuals, the way I want them.

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