Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm off ...again

This time it's to the Eastern Shore. There is a three week, even though I was told thirty day, outage. This time it's valve rebuilding, doesn't pay as well, but it's better than unemployment!

This one looks like the start of a new career that will meet my goals of only working six months a year. Valve techs work all they want to, pretty much where they want to.

This one is only three hundred miles away, practically next door. The next one is looking like California for fifty days, that will be a lot more money.

This whole thing is a big shock to the marriage system, I still have a long list of things to do at home, and this practically blew in on the wind.

Much to prepare at home to be gone for a month at a time. Much to learn about needs on the road and at home.

This time internet access is a priority, so I hope posting will be better.


Anonymous said...

"Eastern Shore" -- of where?


Holly said...

Well, Good Luck and Drive safe. With it being so close, will you be able to come home on weekends? Or perhaps the LoyL can come visit on her days off.

night lightning woman said...

Hi, DW. Bye DW. Start a journal. Your lifestyle is changing enough to make some interesting material in the year ahead. Interview your spouse for feedback, too. Looking forward with interest.

skywriter said...

Safe travels and tailwinds. I hope you are enjoying the new gig.