Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dragons in Congress


In case any one failed to notice, let me point out, most legislators are thieves and liars. Most legislators first and only job is to get reelected, and with a retention rate in the high 90% range, they are good at it.

I am a little ill because Social Security is looming on my horizon, I will hopefully be able to draw benefits. My son will not, unless a financial miracle happens. I was blind lucky in some investments that have financed my retirement, so far.

The promise of survival with the aid of government is disappearing. Some wise man said, I wish I could remember who, "the power to tax encompasses until it destroys". This is relevant because the only way to finance the extension of benefits is to allow the individual to control retirement funds, that will never happen because FICA is only a smoke screen to allow a tax on all workers, that is diverted into the general fund.

If I control my retirement funds you can bet they won't go to social programs or foreign aid.

The Congress is not a good steward of our taxes. They consider our taxes to be, in my opinion, a public relations account to pay for their reelection efforts. That would be pork barrel spending, in case the veiled reference was a little too veiled.

In the interest of equal opportunity disgust, my state has fuel prices higher than any of the neighboring states. The obvious reason? The fuel tax is ripped off each year to fill the general fund. Then the Governor brags about fiscal responsibility due to surplus. The capper is when, as now, a bridge or road is deferred, never canceled just "deferred" forever, for lack of funds.

The obvious solution would be term limits, drop the odious worms back into the local society soon before they can build a support base. If a business can't buy a lawmaker that will stay bought, they will be less likely to try. If there is less incentive to be in office perhaps blowing our money out the window will be less profitable. If a lawmaker is on the street before they can build a power base their works in office are less likely to be expensive.

I'm sure they would find a way around it.

My point, at last. Congress knows about the problem, but they choose to avoid dealing with it. They still take the Social Security tax and divert it to a more politically advantageous purpose. They know that down a short road many will suffer and likely die because they continue with business as usual.

The sacrifice of the retiree, for their political gain is evil.

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