Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to the modern world.......

I am out of Mordor.

I can actually post from my room! (I have to log into an unprotected network.) But now there is no long drive to get a signal. The last two times I checked e-mail I used the network at a phone company. I can't fathom why they were unprotected.

I spent the last day on the last job inside a pipe, inspecting valves. I actually walked into a pump from the discharge side. A little scary, really, when they close the valve with me inside to do a light check, the light is on the other side of the disc, and I am in the dark! I mean really dark, cant see your finger in your eye dark. If the valve fails it would take a lot of people working very hard to keep you from a lot of expensive overtime.

I am back on the ocean, the sun is shining, but there will be frost tonight. The mobile survival facility is sitting across from the local Police dept, and I am down the block in the oldest motel I have ever seen. The neighbors upstairs are playing Rugby in the drawing room, I think. Still, I have Cable and there are actually people on the street!

I will be settling in for a month. I think some stories should be forth comming.

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