Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Living in Mordor

I swear I half expect to see some hairy footed kids being pursued by a troll slurring something about "Precious"

This is a very grim and dreary place, and it seems the sun never shines. Rain and snow mixed again Friday.

In the morning I can look up to the hills and see the glow of lights and steam (Isengard, perhaps) from the plant.

As for primitive, at least very inconvenient, I have to drive 15 or so miles to a coffee shop to get Internet access, and this is the only game in town. The library has wifi, or so I've been told, but this is the only place I can sit down and post.

The nice girls here just brought me a glass of home made Orange Aide, very tasty and refreshing.
If you are ever in Berwick Pa. , stop in and at the Perfect Blend and sample the menu. Be sure to try the Orange Aide.

Have to scamper now, I have domestic chores to attend to, live fast and leave a smoking crater!

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Larry said...

My wife got one of those cell phone connection things for the laptop, just for little old me when we aren't home. It's from the same company as we have our cell phones through so we got a break on the price. Might be worth looking into for the man on the move.