Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunrise on Mars

The wonderful Miss Phlem, reminded me I should post more often. Now that I don't have to work nights for a while, and I have found this great coffee shop with wifi, I have no excuse, therefore the following.
Being a road whore isn’t always bad.

I saw sunrise on Mars, not really, it was New Mexico, but it must look that way. The most amazing red gold sunrise with the clouds painted pink on the underside, and the peaks and spires of an alien land scape on the horizon.

The East Texas sunrise, the walking beam pumps like huge, hungry, birds bowing to the sunrise, as they bowed to the sunset.

Jack rabbits staring at the interstate contemplating suicide, they know they will never make the crossing.

The carcases of inattentive Coyote, cleaning up after the Jack rabbits.

Armadillos, providing “’Possum on the half shell” to any with the apatite.

Giants doing cartwheels, the wind farms with the giants expectantly facing west, The horizon bristling with the coordinated dancing of three armed giants, cavorting in the wind.

I must have been dreaming of space travel, for the clouds looked like oval shaped ships hovering over the mountains.

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