Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Radical Skinner....

Before you ask, I didn't skin a radical with it, not that it hasn't crossed my mind occasionally. I really wouldn't want to skunk up a nice knife.

This blade is also full tanged, .221 thick, 64 Rockwell and deeply hollow ground. As I do most of the knives I build, all wood and bolts are epoxied in place. The three inch blade has some really deep serrations for "cutting tendons", or sawing lumber possibly. I've never seen the use for them. The scales are layered bluegreen and black. The sheath is once again ordered from the wholesaler soaked in linseed oil.

This blank came with a defect common to the entire run of blades, a corner that was pulled and too long. This made the width of the curve on the grips too wide for the scales I could buy in standard width. I could buy a wider piece, I could have bought a whole 4X8 sheet, but instead decided to reshape the tang. I removed the sharp corner and rounded it down to a more comfortable shape.

Most jobs done with a knife could be done with a piece of broken glass. It would be, after all, sharp enough. The purpose of all the other stuff is comfort and control. That's why the shaping in this case is mostly organic curves and rounded shapes. The curves give the layered wood nice cats eye ovals and color changes.

One really nice thing about the tool is it's heft. It's thick and heavy in your hand. In conjunction with the round shapes, it feels really good in your hand.
I have actually used this knife, to put down a deer hit by a car near Steamboat Springs in Colorado. This while all my guns were locked in the back of the truck in cases, just too much trouble to get to.

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