Monday, July 23, 2007

I do not HATE

The above links are to articles I have recently read. As Blogger will no longer publish a hot link for me, you will have to copy and paste them to an adress bar. The second explains clearly that the trend toward "hate crime" legislation is unconstitutional. The author points out clearly that these laws, though they sound good, are the most heinous affront to freedom imaginable. They will enable the special interest groups to make you criminal, simply because you disagree with their agenda. The "politically correct" crowd now has another weapon in their hands, if by some twisted logic, they can accuse you of hate, you will be jailed. Special interests, and protected groups are availed of more than "equal protection" under the law. Any speech in contravention of their beliefs exhibits "hate"!

The first article is about the beliefs of the National Council of La Raza, that the citizens of this country who believe in the rule of law and the enforcement of those laws "hate" immigrants! Since when is speaking your belief that the laws and constitution of this country should be enforced, an expression of your hate for anything? Since when is insisting that your elected officials enforce your will wrong? That is what Democracy is about.

The motto of La Raza is, "For the Race everything, outside the race, nothing." That my people, is bigotry, racism and hate at it's worst. The color of your skin and where your parents are from determines your rights, according to these criminal invaders of our homeland.

I don't hate anyone who will abide by the law of the land, but when you cheat to get your special group favors, now I got a real personal problem.

I wish I was well spoken enough to have written an article like mister Koukl. He says very well what I have felt for years.

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