Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good Job, now finish up.

There's lots of flap about the President Commuting part of Scooters sentence. If you read the statement, there are very good reasons for the move.

The crime was not the one the special prosecutor was investigating, it is arguable that the testimony in question was a slip of the memory. The good Lord we all have enough of them.

The Hate BushCheneyBigOilHaliburtonRepublicanConservativeEverybodyExceptWhoISay Crowd are foaming at the mouth.

Does any one know how many pardons the President has given? If you belive Wikipedia, 114, most of which had already served their sentences.

Slick Willie was the busiest pardoner of all, I think, 457. Pretty big disparity there. I was going to publish the full list, but it was a mile long. Everything from posession to you name it.

From Slick Willies statement about his pardons. Notice he widens the blast radius to make his pardons seem less unusual.

On Jan. 20, 2001, I granted 140 pardons and issued 36 commutations. During my presidency, I issued a total of approximately 450 pardons and commutations, compared to 406 issued by President Reagan during his two terms. During his four years, President Carter issued 566 pardons and commutations, while in the same length of time President Bush granted 77. President Ford issued 409 during the slightly more than two years he was president

Now Bush needs to get busy and get his border patrol officers out of jail before they get killed.

I was superised to see what some of the pardons were for.

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