Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some interesting things I've heard

Those noble gasses won't hurt you. (From my management)

OK, so why do you monitor them before you let them out the stack? If they're so harmless, why can't I go to the bathroom until they've decayed off?

Late night call to the main control room:
Control Room: Thank you for calling Stump Water Nuclear Power Station, how may I service you?
Caller: I want to be disconnected from the Nuclear Plant, I don't want any radioactive electricity.
Senior Reactor Operator: Excuse me?
Caller: I know that radiation is bad for you and I don't want any of that stuff leaking out of my wires.
Senior Reactor Operator: Yes, Mam, one moment. There you go, you're disconnected.
Caller: Thank you very much!(We still have no idea how she got the number to the control room.)

Neutron Radiation causes sea water to foam. (Our Public)

"Those gear boxes rotate so slowly, they don't need oil." (from a mechanic who could have been machinery lower level on the Ark)
Locked up before the end of shift.

If we make yellow and magenta plugs for electrical outlets, with a little tri-foil symbol, we can sell them to people who don't want "Nuclear Electricity" leaking into their house. (None of the operators in the conversation are currently rich.)

A good test is one that no competent operator will fail, and no incompetent operator will pass. (From the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. I wonder who writes their tests?)

You will never eliminate mistakes, people are human (most) and therefore fallible. However mistakes cannot be tolerated. (?) (From the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.)

Part of your compensation is the "aesthetic paycheck", you get to live in this part of the state! (Sand, Pines, Swamp, Mosquitoes big enough to stand flatfooted and rape a mockingbird, Housing prices that no entry level employee can afford. Oh, Yea, sign me up!)
So, how do you buy bread and milk with that?

If you are planning on having more children, we will have to find another volunteer. (!!!!)

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