Sunday, July 8, 2007

Something new to me

The Love of My Life has induced me to train for a half marathon in September. That in itself is new, because up to this point, if I have to run thirteen miles, about half way there I am going to stop and scuffle with what ever is chasing me.

However, we have been huffing and puffing on a regular basis, I can see and feel improvement, so we continue.

Yesterday I ran in my first race ever. I am not racing anyone other than myself. I finished, that was my goal. The heat and humidity were brutal. About six hundred people entered, and as far as I know, all finished alive. One gentleman seventy seven years young ran the 10k, God love him for every breath and every step.

I would have died.

I finished ahead of some folks half my age and half my weight.

I noted some interesting things.
Most of the runners will wear the number so everyone will know they ran, even after the race is long over.
Even people with no body fat sweat like pigs.
I sweated so much, I think my lingerie weighed in at two pounds.
Some people should wear more clothes.
You can't drink with out snarfing water, while huffing and puffing and running.
The evil little kids with super soakers, who spray everyone who looks bad when they go by, tried to drown me.
I didn't mind.
Some folks have to yell everything they say, so you will be properly impressed with them.
Running with Six hundred people is very difficult, until they spread out, you can't get your breathing and pace down, you want to run too fast.
All the screaming and lying to me will not get me to run faster. It may only be one more mile, SO? Yes, I am almost done, one way or the other, thanks for noticing. If I was doing such a great job, I would be in front, not slogging along in the rear. I'm just out here to make everyone else look good.

I slept very well last night.

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