Thursday, August 30, 2007


Not news, I'm afraid. I have been reading Matt G. for a while and didn't realise I hadn't linked him. Done it now, he's on the side bar. My apology for not doing it sooner.


Ambulance Driver said...

Don't feel too bad, DW. The way he procrastinates, he's probably been reading you for several months and still hasn't gotten around to adding a link. ;)

JPG said...

You wrote, "Along about the early sixties a dude with a chronograph and an idea set about changing that forever. . . .Weatherby . . . set about building the best hunting rifle in the world, and the most powerful." You wanna hear something scary? Just in the interest of history? Roy Weatherby developed his .300 cartridge in 1944, and has been commercially offered since 1948! A real mover, 'way back then, huh? General Robert L. Scott, famed author of God is My Co-Pilot, took a .300 Wthby Mag on African safari sometimes just after WW-II, and wrote of it in an excellent hunting book, Between the Elephant's Eyes, 1954.

I like your rifle series. Keep 'em coming.