Friday, August 31, 2007

All the little boy's want this,,,,,

After the first dust up in the Gulf I was asked if I would care to attend a class to certify new NRA firearms instructors. For free. The cost for the rest of the world was around $260 a person.

No brainer, I'm in!

I met some of the Special Ops folks that made that excursion the success it was. They were pupils, looking for a resume line for post military life. One character in particular, sort of stood out. I shouldn't say a lot about him because he would be too easy to find, based on the superlatives attached to his name. Let's just say his resume made James Bond look like a girl.

He's the only person I know of who looks on getting flash-banged in training, as something to take in stride.

We struck up a conversation regarding the weapons in the room, that we brought for the range session, and show and tell. I brought an HK93, he brought an AR 15 with an entry light. He was completely amazed that I hated the HK. I wasn't raised on ghost ring sights, and they just don't work for me. Additionally the curve at the rear of the action fits your cheek bone nicely to line up your eye with the sights, and give you a black eye after a long day at the range. This was in the era of the import ban, and the price of the HK was up to about $850 by then. He had financial reasons for wanting to swap, I had personal reasons. He is the generous sort and left the entry light attached. I added the Aimpoint scope. His comment, "If the other guy has one and you don't, by the time you can aim, you're shot"! 'Nuff said!

So I now own an AR-15 with a forward assist and barrel for the heavy NATO .223, with entry light and Aimpoint. I would love to have a holosight, but maybe later. He also threw in enough 30 round clips to give Billary the hives.

Strictly for social work.

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