Saturday, August 4, 2007

If they are the tricycle motors...


Then why am I so tired?

We had all four of the grand babies today, the Love of My Life planned a trip to Pirate Days at Old Baldy. The function is to support the lighthouse built in 1817, on Bald Head Island. There was a pirate reinactment group in camp, a Jack Sparrow look-a-like, a mock pirate trial, and various games and a theives market.

I thought I was hearding cats.
The little ones (5) would lag behind until you stopped and then when you turn around, just walk away. Then there is poke and prod until someone is crying. Then various fun and games between times. I have the advantage of being a little scary and gruff. I bark and they jump, not much but they do mind me better than most.

I was superised to find that we were allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse. I think it may be a hundred feet tall. There is a long spiral staircase that take you to the top. The entrance to the top chamber will barely admit someone of my size.
Barely, but it will.
We had a look at the beautiful view and took a few pictures. Then to make room for the next group, and to get out of the heat, we started down. The bride went first, and then the two older girls, the trash talking boy was next. He balked and started with the "I can't" stuff. This is the kid that was later hanging over the side of the dock and will run down the curb of the of the walkways with a drop off on the side. There were people waiting, and he wasn't about about to go.
So I stuffed him in the hole like putting a cat in a sack. He star fished on me. Arms and legs spread as far as they would go, screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. Lucky for me I out weigh him by about 220lbs, otherwise we might still be wrestling around the top of that place. I wrapped him up, folded the appendages in like the blades on a pocket knife, and handed him down to the bride.
About thirty seconds later he's trash talking again, go figure.
We had a picnic lunch, and a ferry ride back to the car. A long day for us all.
The oldest Step Daughter invited herself and her boyfriend to dinner. I had some sea bass that I wanted to cook on the new grill, add to that some chicken, mack and cheese, Chinese eggplant, okra, along with rolls and chocolate cake for dessert.
A fair meal, and well recieved.
We get to do it all again tomorrow.
Oh! Wait! Now I remember, I've only had nine hours shuteye since 3pm Thirsday.

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