Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm out of excuses

The current lifestyle, if it can be called life, I am living isn't conducive to anything. I am working twelve hour nights and traveling an hour and a half each way to work, thankfully most of the travel is on a ferry. That is still a fifteen hour day, not much left over for hobbies.

I feel the need to prove I'm still out here.

I don't get the time I would like to keep up with reading and blogging, but we do what we can.

A coworker pointed out to me the news regarding the college course on racism, that was dropped because even the unengaged students wouldn't swallow the mess.

Billary has lost what little sense she had with her pleas to women.

It's more of the same, and the names haven't even changed. Oh Well.

I have had my first exposure to a pressurized water reactor, and I don't like them. The extra loop makes everything way too complicated. Give me a simple little 'ole 1000 Mega Watt Boiler any day. Actually a three loop pressurizer has a lot more additional systems than a few steam generators. The PWR is supposed to be cleaner, but I can't tell where that would be. The BRT (Big Round Thing) is way more contaminated and has higher rad levels than any BWR I've ever seen.

My education continues.

Along those lines, there is, apparently lots more work and money in this than I originally thought. The status of operators, and the respect for their training and ability is higher than I had been led to believe. All to the good for me. Some of the contract items are enough to make you shake your head. The financial end of this takes some serious consideration to see how it compares to other company's offers. Some sound good until the next completely blows them away.

I am going to jump in and acquire a larger mobile survival facility, details to follow. I would like to have to walk at least two or three steps to go to bed.

A commenter asked "which shore" Tide Water Virginia, I am currently at Surrey. The next one may be River Bend, or Diablo Canyon in January.

Now that I am solidly on nights,,,,,,,Let the Blogging continue.


JPG said...

you have SUCH a way with's what keeps me comin' back, even with the sporadic bloggin' of late.
"mobile survival facility" that's just classic. I look forward to more entries from the road.
This is actually HollyB, not JPG, I just am too lazy to retype my entry after resigning in.

Maddy said...

Visiting from Hammer - hopefully all of us keep learning.