Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheer by the foot candle...

We went on a cruise around town to enjoy the show provided by Christmas lights. There are fewer lights this year than in years before. We went downtown and the riverfront, usually decorated, is pretty sparse. We scaled down this year because I just didn't feel up to doing the edges of the roof and the several conical shapes designated as trees.

We went to several of the traditional areas where the neighbors fight it out tooth and claw to see who can blow a breaker with cheer. I know one guy who loves to wow his daughters, who had a separate service installed for his Christmas display. He fills his front field with every conceivable anthropomorphic hallucination indicating a holiday is upon us. Good on him, it's way cool.

Some areas showed restrained good taste, the heck with that!

I like volume in lights, I want to hear the electric meter scream for mercy.

Children, we went to the poorer section of the hood, and found several houses that could be seen from space. The magnetic field from the lights would confuse migrating birds to the point they would circle the house until the breakers tripped.

Bring out the shades baby! Talk about your excess of cheer!

We need to show the people that we ENJOY!!!! our Christmas Holiday!

Next year I'm pulling out the stops!

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