Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have a couple of questions.....

The Obamassiah exhibits some odd behaviors for a politician. Perhaps he is above giving, at least, lip service to the will of the people. Perhaps he is blind to the consequences of being an idiot. Perhaps he just doesn't care.

The last part is what concerns me. A politician that doesn't care about the next vote has a plan.

The great one disregards the media, cracks on some of the reporters, and disrespects a Senator that spent more time in a POW camp that Barry has in the Senate. Poor PR if nothing else. His arrogance is on display daily.

Note to Barry: Arrogance does not sit well with "we the people".

He has championed a health care plan that will bankrupt many households, and disguised it as less expensive than what is available now. Many believe it is socialized medicine. I made that mistake as well. It is actually government controlled insurance that we will have to pay through the nose for. It will eventually, probably, expand to be come the very industry it demonizes.


For the money. If costs to the consumer go up, and the cost as well as the availability, of those services are regulated at a lower rate, remember insurance and doctors are ripping us off, who gets the difference?
The premise that the government will take in money is directly opposed to the projected cost of the bill. That is the excuse for the tax increase that comes with the bill and the taxes that will follow.

Barry has espoused "bailouts" of banks and automakers from the pockets of taxpayers. Would the collapse of banks and employers have triggered a depression?

We will eventually find out.

What is certain is the interest on the debt this nation has incurred is about one third of the gross national product. I am told when the interest on the debt exceeds the GNP our money is worthless, because the government that backs the currency is insolvent. Actually it's worse than that. If 100% of our income is owed to taxes to cover the debt, how do we live? If 100% of our taxes are owed to intrest, how does the government keep it's promises and obligations to the people?

He is in favor of "immigration reform". The expression is a euphemism for an amnesty for people who have committed various crimes by coming to this country or staying too long. That doesn't make them bad people, but lawbreakers. They also work, they take jobs that might be available to the 9% of citizens that need them. There are many degreed engineers who would gladly mow your yard or clean your house to put food on the table.

Well, not gladly, willingly.

Why do we want to give citizenship or work visas to foreign nationals when our natives are out of work. I wish I could find the article that put immigration at 100K a month, that would be 1.2 million a year. Who would be the hero if, perhaps, one third of that number of jobs were created. I'm pretty sure the Oval office would have some self congratulatory statement on the subject.
He has reached the pinnacle of ambition for a community organizer, where else could he go? Is one term enough to satisfy an ego large enough to have it's own gravity well?

I think not.

Mister Hussein Obama has a very interesting resume. If you brush past the education, lack of a certificate of live birth, voting "present" on almost every bill before him, and a complete lack of performance in the Senate, you will find that he worked for an organization run by sixty's radicals who sought the violent overthrow of our government. You will also find that he attended a church pastored by a racist who hates America. If you have ever associated with those sorts, you will know that they will not tolerate a dissenting opinion in their presence. Additionally most people go to church to worship and learn how to live from their Pastor, not just for appearances.

It might be for appearances, which would be slightly better, but then which is disingenuous?

Barry is a mole.

Indoctrinated by the radicals in ACORN, coached and sponsored by those well versed in politics, and presented as a candidate to change the face of the nation.

They got that part right.

This nation would be very hard to dispose of from the outside, however it could be done by economic means from within. The Democrats have been trying that for years. The greatest changes come from within. A nation torn apart by joblessness and a divisive leader, toss in racist sentiment, will not emerge the same.

Barrack Hussein Obama does not act like he wants to run for office again.

Is that because he can't win, or because he doesn't plan to allow another election?

Those are the questions.

As was stated before, this is the greatest nation on earth, he wants to change it.

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