Friday, August 27, 2010

The party of rants, violence and lies.....

A gunshot shattered a glass door Wednesday at a Salisbury office of the Maryland Republican Party, according to a party statement.

The party published the statement on its website, indicating that a single gunshot shattered the front door at the office early in the morning.

Salisbury police officers discovered the shattered glass after midnight and reported that the office had been vandalized.

The statement indicated that a party staffer found a bullet in the office.

If you have any information regarding this continuing investigation, contact Salisbury police by dialing 410-548-3165.

In these days it is entirely possible that someone from that office, or a friend, fired a shot to get a little notice for the GOP.

Even so, the person responsible needs a little jail time.

I am willing to believe a frustrated Demi could no longer restrain it's self. This would not be the first violent attack by the pacifist party. Stand by for more demonstration of unhinged politics.

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