Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Royalty....or so they think

The president has spent the day watching DVDs and playing the board game Taboo at Blue Heron Farm, the spacious $20 million estate the First Family rented, at a cost of somewhere between $35,000 and $50,000 a week. Sitting on 28.5 acres in the Chilmark section of the island, the farm has its own private section of Squibnocket beach, four living residences including a white Victorian farm house, a gym, a swimming pool, an outdoor basketball half-court, and a putting green. From the drudge report.

Hard times, not for the first family.

I guess we should all scrimp a little so Barry and Mo can have a little time off. The First Muslims are too stressed to attend to the nations business for more than a few days before going away to unwind.

What happened to Camp David? Not good enough?

It almost makes me wish for Jimeah Cahtah back. Not quite, but he did use Camp David to keep Yasser Arafat off the streets for a while.

The excesses of this troop of would be rulers just floors me. I am seeing notes in the news that some are beginning to see that Barry doesn't intend to run again, that perhaps his attempt to destroy America is only a resume line for his speaking tour after leaving office.

It's almost unthinkable that the president of this nation would attempt to reduce us to a banana republic, then use the high office he has held to profit from the destruction. But, Hey, he's a Democrat, it's OK.

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