Monday, August 9, 2010

A comment from an article found on the Drudge report

nataya wrote:
The costs to the American taxpayers of Michelle Obama's trip to Spain are being understated.

In addition to the Air Force Two airliner that took Michelle and her daughter to Spain, there are numerous other aircraft that accompany the First Lady when she travels any distance from home base: there are the escort aircraft (fighter planes), there is at least one C-47 that must cart the bullet-proof limousines for the First Lady and her guests and the special cars used by the Secret Service, and there is a cargo plane to take the jet fuel over to Spain for the return trip back to The States. (we do NOT buy local jet fuel for the president or First Lady when they travel abroad). We also have to pay a per diem -- $273-a-day federal per diem for five days -- for each of the 70 Secret Service agents who must accompany a First Lady when she travels; that per diem is in addition to the lodging and food expenses (paid by the taxpayers) for the 70 Secret Service agents traveling with Michelle.

The costs to the American taxpayers for Mrs. Obama's "private" jaunt are stupendous and outrageous.

Was there NO place within the United States that Mrs. Obama would find interesting or worth visiting?

She COULD be touting America as a tourist destination; instead she is making a clear statement that there is nothing worth seeing in the United States.

She COULD have been spending American dollars to boost the American economy; instead, she boosted the Spanish economy. Gee, thanks, Michelle.

We have been LECTURED by President Obama about the need of EVERYONE to sacrifice during these stressful economic times. I guess Michelle Antoinette didn't get the memo. She is living higher off the hog than she ever dreamed possible.

My hope is that after the 2012 election, Mr. and Mrs. Obama will be free to travel anywhere they want to as PRIVATE citizens paying their own way.

Royalty needs not explain, all us little people need to suck it up and defer to them.

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