Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update on the work break

This has been a busy summer, very interesting, like the Chinese curse.

TLOML had a lumpectomy the day before I had to leave for work. If I live to be a thousand I will never do anything harder. Still the bills have to be paid. They were substantial, all covered now. God be praised, the mass was benign. Laser treatments (???) and medication and things are better.

We have done some kitchen up grades, and a major cleanup in the garage. If you think that was a minor thing, then you haven't seen my work bench.

We took a weeks vacation in Mexico, pictures below. We climbed some pyramids, swam in underground rivers, rode ATVs in the jungle and walked on the bottom of an inlet in hard hat dive equipment. We enjoyed some local foods, liquors, and entertainment.

The clan will have a new member in September, courtesy of my stepson and his love. She is the sweetheart he has been waiting for, or if he screws it up, he's an idiot.

One of my son-in-laws is changing jobs, so his soon to be ex-coworkers gave him a farewell party that left him at his door step at four in the morning, in his socks and boxers, falling down drunk, covered in ranch dressing and deli meats. ( WTH???) I don't think I will ever party like that.

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