Monday, March 12, 2007

CSR again

One of my brothers in operations went down today, he will be fine. We went to get him, all of us. He is a great guy, and we love him, he is our own.
Convulsions, loss of sensation in the extremities, delirium. Heat stroke or what ever you care to call it.

When the rest of the site realises that ops is serious, then we get what we want. We got it.
We will get the rest later.

It could have been a lot better. I am the rigger, I didn't have what I needed. I used what I had. I could have carried him out in my arms, and I would have, given the chance. I have to give others the chance, eventually they will learn. I can only hope the price will be labor, not lives.

We managed, we will do better.

I doubt this will make the national news, but we had two ambulances in the reactor building. My brother, my friend, we will all pray for your recovery, and speedy return to us.

More later.

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Billy Sparks said...

You know it is nice to read a blog or anything for that matter that mentions CSR and it means Confined Space Rescue as opposed to Corporate Social Responsibility or the Center for Scientific Review. When I took my instructor upgrade for CSR I am still not sure if the reason I got approved for the time off is that they didn't think it was a Corporate Social Responsibility class.