Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's opportunity to say thanks

Today I got the chance to tell several career NCO's thanks for the job they do protecting our country, and training our troops.

This was in the conversations involved in tracking down the son-in-law.

I assured the acting First Sargent that we wanted nothing from the dummy, only that he should do right by his daughters.

I have been assured by a Drill Sargent, that he will do the right thing on his own, or will be assisted through the system.

I informed the good Sargent that he should verify everything the idiot says, 'cause he's been lying since he said mama the first time!

The most excellent Drill Sargent, assured me he would verify compliance, and pointed out that not caring for the girls was one problem, lying to his superiors is all together different.

I should smile it's different!

We have him on his Company's radar now, he will likely be supervised by some very dedicated, detail oriented, professionals.

That should do him some good.

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Flo said...

Ah yes, the infamous Drill Sergeant. To be feared more than a Tac Officer.

It's been twenty-nine years, and I still remember the name of my Drill Sergeant. I bet your son-in-law will be giving almost anything to forget the name of his!

God bless NCOs!