Friday, March 2, 2007

The Dragon to the South

Migration from the south fosters a very large discussion, with no simple answers, and no happy ending. There is a growing perception that we are in a conflict of cultures with the Muslim World, I believe this is correct.

We are also in a conflict of cultures with the wilderness to the south. Yes, wilderness, people the area to our south is not really a nation. To all appearances it is an outlaw camp, there is an appearance of nationhood, but the rule of law only exists for those with enough resources to protect them selves. Is that really the rule of law? The argument can be made either way. The rule of law by definition applies to every one. If you must pay for extreme measures to be safe, is there any law? If you can buy your way free from prosecution is the law applied equally to all?

We are being assaulted by criminal elements from the south who kill, to all appearances with no fear of retribution or punishment. , ,

Above are three articles that reference the same information, each with some additional information, and some additional points. These taken together show that we are being infused with a culture that produces a population with little or no basis in any redeeming value. They live in conditions and environments that are a carryover from three hundred years ago. The Hildalgo still rules, they(the Hildalgo) believe this is the most wonderful place on earth. For them, it is because it has been very good to them. They lack for nothing, they work at nothing, life is easy. There are the extremely rich, and the tragically poor. I have read nothing of a middle class. The middle class are the ones who produce the wealth and values that make a functioning society, where there is something to lose and therefore worth safeguarding.

When I grew up, I was poor enough I didn't even realize I was poor, because I had no reference regarding what else was available. It was nothing like the conditions to our south. Think not? Drive I-10 through El Paso, look at the shanty towns. Smuggling and drug trafficking are products of a life where there is nothing to lose. They want out and who can blame them?

The supposed government can do little or nothing to control the lawlessness. In some places the law enforcement units are the biggest crime rings. How would you function if the cop on the corner was the one to be feared? My guess is the government is encouraging the exodus of any one who will go, to get rid of the criminal and the poor. Let someone else deal with the problems they have created / allowed. Years ago I wanted to work at Laguna Verde station, I was dissuaded because I would have to live in a compound, the country side was too lawless. They were subject to bandits blocking roads, robbing businesses in armed bands and generally taking over after dark.

The poor to our south look to the north and want what they see, I can't blame them. They are, however, the the destructive adolescent. They destroy what they do not have the skill to produce, and are frustrated by their ignorance and destruction. Obedience to community standards are subordinate to "I want". I have heard many times that the people who come here are "good and hard working", some are and some aren't. We shouldn't paint with too broad of a brush. The people we should welcome are those who don't break the law at the outset. We must not reward those who come here to hide and wait for an amnesty to make them "honest citizens", for the flood would truly begin.

Another factor that plays into the situation is the protectionism of the local government. Their immigration laws, and rules for non native residents is draconian. You may not own property, you may not enter into political discourse, you will never hold public office. Prison is the alternative. Those are rules we should adopt. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! The laws are to assure the local population is afforded the greatest chance to avoid domination by foreign influence. Why then don't they respect the same advantage in other locations? Simply because it is to their advantage to reject reciprocal legislation.

Good fences make good neighbors, charity begins at home. We must have good fences, to at least strain out the detritus that will commit crime after crime, because they have proven the worst that will happen is a ride home and a walk back. They need an economy that will allow a family to help themselves and extend charity to others, not a hand out but a chance for hard working people to move up to the same economic level.

Our fence to the south should be a national priority, it should have guard towers with armed military with orders to shoot to kill. Sounds bad? The migratory flood of criminals and drug mules would dry up over night. The death toll would almost certainly be less than the thousands killed every year by illegals here. The cost would almost certainly be less than the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of foreign criminals.

There will be pain and suffering. There will be death and sorrow. Would you rather it were your suffering, or someone else.

Do you have the guts to make a decision? Stand up! Speak up! Who should our government protect? We don't have long.

The Dragon to the south is coming to us.

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HollyB said...

Well, DW, thanks for speaking out. I blogged about this last spring, and I speak about it all the time to friends and fam. I also communicate my opinions to my Congressional Critters, as LawDog calls them. Short of callin' "LaMigra" to my neighborhood every time they have a party, I don't know what else I can do. Any ideas?