Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My son of a *itch son inlaw,,,

The daughter called to see if she still had dental for the girls, he said yes, and I will pay the copays, then as I am told CANCELLED the insurance. Who would do that? His first sargent will hear of this today.

The five year old is in almost constant pain from a bad tooth, and this worthless pile of crap is too cheap to help!


Flo said...

I gather you had success in finding the SOB's unit. Good for you! Keep after him, I have confidence you can make his life...uncomfortable.

Ambulance Driver said...

Yeah, the Top ought to be able to set him straight, or otherwise strike fear into his heart.

Good luck.

Flo said...

Thanks for making your site cooperate with Mair so she can log in. I was starting to get worried, too.

Larry said...

Unfortunately family dental is not part of the whole standard Tricare package. Sad but true. Of course family dental only costs you around 20 bucks a month, or at least that was the going rate a couple of years ago when I still wore stripes.
Make sure the girls have valid, up to date ID cards!