Saturday, March 3, 2007

Democratic Dragonettes

The silly season is upon us, two years early.

Goodie, lots of things to post, rant, giggle about. The stupidest thing I have heard so far is Howard Dean the God Father of Donk lunacy, demanding that anyone apologize for something they didn't say,but implied.

Now, that's funny, I don't care who you are.

You can line them up and destroy the credibility of any of them easily, allowing that the persons listening have any sense of fairness at all. Teddy Kennedy stated that it was perfectly acceptable to misstate an opponents position and then disagree with it. In simple words, make up something, argue about it, get it in the news, and then, pretend it was unintentional. In simpler words, lie and then blame the other guy.

The Hildebeast is writing a memoir, but she has denied for years having a memory of crucial facts. If you have a defective memory how can you write a memoir.

Check the ranters at the premier Donk/Liberal websites, I suspect you will find a lot of gutter language, and rants about any Christian or conservative, or Republican. You will find very little fact based conversation, mostly emotional outbursts, indicative of severe frustration, because they don't get their way.

John Edwards was forced to fire a upper level webmaster because of anti christian posts, on her site not his.

The Global Warming mythology has brought attention to Al Bore, and the Ambulance Chaser because of their extravagant lifestyle. Hey, if you can support it, go for it! Just don't tell me that I can't because you don't think I should. So that means you are better than me?

It goes on and on. I will not question the patriotism of any person or group, I will call into question the ethics and morals,not to mention how their mother raised them, of any liar I cross.

Got a problem with that? Just so no one can question any thing about my personal firmness regarding my beliefs, come on down, I'll put the dog out and we will deal with the disagreement in the back yard. No one except the immediately involved will know.

If you want some, you got to bring some. Come on and get just what you need!


Flintlock Tom said...

"I will not question the patriotism of any person or group,"

Why not? If someone is actively trying to undermine the foundations of our nation then they are no patriot.

Anonymous said...

None of the people mentioned above want to destroy the foundations of America. If they did, they'd form guerrilla armies- not run for election.

It's futile, fruitless, and silly to argue about their patriotism or lack thereof. Better to argue that their actions would damage America or that they'd make immoral or unethical decisions than to argue that they want to do those things.